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War weights, calculated on 2016-Jan-10

Each village has a war weight.   Add all the war weights together, becomes your clan weight for war.   When war is declared, CoC looks for a clan with similar weight.   That’s how matchups are done.   Bad or good matchups just mean that although the war weight was close to each other, the townhalls were not.   Many people manipulate their war weight for their clan’s benefit.    We will use this information for arranged wars or to understand why some matchups in open wars are skewed.

War weight is easily calculated.   Once war has actually started (not prep day), or after a war, just look at how much gold/elixir is in the Town Hall and multiply that number by the number of gold storages you have.   TH10s and TH9s have 5, TH8s have 4, etc..   Even easier way? watch a war replay on you being attacked.   Same number 🙂

Spreadsheet with war weights

Why an alliance?

Some of you may be wondering why we need an alliance.   What is the benefit? What does my clan get out of it? what do I get out of it? What are the drawbacks? We hope to answer all those questions and more.

In short, it makes your clan bigger with different type of experience players.   They are all your clanmates in a way now.   War or farm with new people will make you better.

The clan now has extra resources, so if a player is needed for war, we don’t have to play the dice and recruit someone from global just to have them quit in the middle of war.   Everyone in these clans respects the game.   We may not all play all the time, but we can be counted on for war or for donations or for farming.   So now we can call on the alliance for recruiting.

New options that open up are concepts like arranged wars, so you can finally go against your clanmate (or your mini).    We can also help in “pushing”, either trophies or resources.   Concepts like “farm wars” are available to us now.   Some may be short in resources may take advantage of that.

What do you have to put into this? My goal is to put a little burden on each member.   Maybe 3 minutes a week to check a few things like war weight and hero levels.    The clan leaders will put in a little more time, mostly validating and planning wars.   It should be minimal for everyone involved, to be honest.

Drawbacks? not sure yet 🙂


Some great clans got together to create this alliance.   Raiders Too, Rasta Warriorz!, She Rocka, West Texas Warriors (W.T.W.) and Ikari Warriors.

We decided to create an alliance of liked minded clans (Fair Play) to make our Clash of Clans experience even better.

This is the beginning.   More will come!