Calculate War Weight

The concept of war weight is simple: how strong is your war defense.   This number is used to calculate wars and is critical to have updated for all the arranged wars and scrimmages for the alliance.  It is also good to know so that you understand the impact upgrading a structure or even your townhall has in any war.   The concept of “.5” upgrades is loosely based on this.   You upgrade your offense while keeping your defense relatively the same.

Once a co-leader searches for war, all the participant’s war weights are added and SuperCell looks for another clan with the same or close war weight.   Here is how to calculate it:

Note: If you are in an active war (NOT PREPARATION DAY) you can follow the same steps, just use the “war” icon instead.

Note2: this assumes you are still in the same clan that you were last involved in a war.  If you are not, wait until you are in war again or go back to the previous clan so you can calculate war weight.

  1. Hit your village’s “information” button.

IMG_19472. Select the “My Clan” tab and select “War Log” IMG_19483. Select “Details” on your previous war IMG_19494. Go to “view map” IMG_19505a. OPTION 1

i. Scout your own baseIMG_1951ii. Select your Town hall and select “info” IMG_1952iii. Identify the “Storage Capacity” in the Town Hall.  In this example it is 13,500. IMG_1953iv.  Take that number and multiply it by the number of gold or elixir storages (TH counts as one).  So in this case 13,500×4 = 54,000.

In general, TH3 to TH7 the max number of storages is 3.

TH8 the max number of storages is 4.

TH9 to TH11 the max number of storages is 5.

5b. OPTION 2

i. Watch a replay from someone attacking you in war THAT IS THE SAME TOWN HALL LEVEL and see how much gold is available:  Again, in this example is 54,000 IMG_1955 6. Take that number you have (54,000) and divided by 1,000.   Result: 54.  That is your war weight